RUN LAP: 1.330 km flat course, in the form of a loop in the forest and a return trip in the middle of the stands between the vines and the fencing hall with the WC, in the Waldelslut.
The course is closed to traffic at the Bretzel Village and the RUN course.
Only the Bretzel Village and the Run course are lit.

The village of the assistance teams is in the same place for the bike and the run (no team travel).

Discover the route on Open Runner: RUN route map

To help you prepare ...

Here is the Video of the Run course! :

The route is the same for all events (marathons, 24h run, VIP races and ultra triathlon).

+ On the day of the race, the running circuit will be closed to cars.

+ The course will be lit at night by our facilities.

+ The small passage where the video moves, it is simply deformations of the tar that pass very quickly in run.

But Clément who films was in rollerblading ... therefore less stable ...

I also publish 2 videos. 1 for the bike and the other which explains the BRETZEL village.