A very important management point...

Parking management.
It is forbidden to park on the camping area, along the bike course and in the run area.
We have 5 car parks at your disposal.
It is forbidden to refuel athletes at the roadside of the parking areas, even of the camping cars.

You can of course rest or eat a meal in your camper van, but stop for a break.
The refreshment areas are only at the assistance level.
When you arrive at the BRETZEL VILLAGE, you will be taken care of by a volunteer who will guide you to the car parks.
If he is not there, you can call him on the following numbers: 07 68 77 02 92 / 06 63 23 77 07
He will put a sticker on your windscreen to identify you.
P1 : Parking " short duration " and departure " BRETZEL NAVETTES " : 50 m from the Bretzel village
This car park is shared with the fencing and tennis clubs.
It is reserved for the organisation of the BUT and for spectators.
It will also be used to unload your equipment for your camping or your assistance tent.
But you will have to park on the P3, P4 or P5 car park after unloading.
If you are staying on the banks of the Fecht, it is a good idea to take the free shuttle buses.
It can also be used for unloading your groceries, or if you are parking for a short period.
This reduces the traffic on the cycle route. It improves safety.
It is also the place to take the "BRETZEL SHUTLLE".
P2 : Parking " CAMPING CAR " : 150 m from the Bretzel Village:
It is reserved for camping cars and vans.
Cars are not allowed.
There is electricity available for the camping cars, as well as for the tents of assistances.
There are many of you, so you will have to share the space and squeeze in a bit.
Campervans will leave the bike area at the end of the event for safety reasons.
To enter P2, you will be guided because the quintuple will already have left and you must respect the safety of the bikes.
P3 : Parking " Long duration " : 200 m from the Bretzel village :
It will be filled in priority by the quintuplets, then the other distances.
It will be difficult to leave this car park before the end of the event.
P4 : Parking " Long Duration " : 300 m from the Bretzel village :
It will be filled in priority by the triple, double, marathons and 24h. It will be possible to leave it. But it is not recommended.
P5 : Parking " Courte Durée " : 300 m from the Bretzel village :
Free parking for 6 cars.
Thank you for respecting and enforcing these rules.
It is important for the comfort of all and the longevity of the event.
This is the spirit of "ULTRA FAMILY".
Move your Bretzel.