The organization of the Bretzel Ultra triathlon is carried by Bretzel Team and Laurent Quignette aka Bretzel Man.Passionate about sport since my youngest age, I started playing tennis at the age of 4 (going through a PRO career) and athletics in parallel. Then I extended the distances with 40 marathons and other distances, integrated the road bike in competition ...I became a "sports fan" and this passion never left me. I have evolved over time, I have chained training, development courses, but also competitions, always setting me goals increasingly important.To date I practice triathlon and ultra-triathlon, as well as, marathon, trail and ultra-trail in competition. In preparation I also practice mountain biking, skating...

In support of Laurent Quignette, the agency Team Com, specializing in sports events brings its expertise and experience. To his credit: 3 editions of the Colmar Marathon, the Mulhouse Half-Marathon, the Marathon of the 3 Pays du Rhin, the Colore Moi, the Colmarienne, the Foulées du Souvenir... More information on